Our Brand

Hi, I’m Maritza!

I know playing can feel silly, unproductive, and time-consuming in your grown-up life.

And that’s precisely the point!

Take a break from your endless to-do list, grab one of these cool boxes, let yourself be transported to your child-like wonder, and see if it gives you bumps of joy.

Our products are designed (with my inner child in mind), especially for you… the grown-up!

As an artist, graphic designer, children’s book author, and illustrator, I am fortunate to be able to continue my pledge to help families, animals, and the environment and explore my other passions as a female entrepreneur, which led me to begin this journey as the founder of the Mossterpiece brand.

We are a new family-owned company, and our wish is to bring people together through fun, easy-to-assemble projects to create long-lasting memories!

Our mission is simple: To keep the spark in life.

Much love and affection,
Much love and affection,

Exclusive Designs

Our beautiful kit boxes are all designed in our home in Vancouver, Canada. That is why you will not find them anywhere else. We focus on the colors of nature and beautiful artwork to ensure you get the best product you deserve that will brighten up your day or your special event!

Every box includes a variety of naturally preserved moss and dried materials that you can lay out however you like. Feel free to follow our designs, but we highly encourage you to put your twist on it!